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Kids Club Christmas Closing Times

Our sites will be finishing for Christmas on the following dates and times:

Booker – 21st December 4:30pm

Dovedale – 21st December 4:30pm

Mosspits – 22nd December 4:30pm

St Michael’s – 22nd December 4:00pm

Woolton – 21st December 4:30pm

Have a great break! 🎄🎄

Kids Club Christmas Closing Times
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📲Out of Hours Kids’ Club – ParentApp 📲

When we started Kids Club nearly 23 years ago, nothing like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram existed. If we were chatting and I’d have had said to you “I’ll send you a text,” you would have looked at me with a blank face!

As communication evolves, so must we. That is why we have introduced the Out of Hours Kids’ Club ParentApp.

With this app, you will receive notifications from us about the Kids Club that your child attends. As we operate at five different schools, we deal with a lot of different messages every day, which is why we are hoping that this will help streamline our outgoing communication.

You can download the app by searching for “Out of Hours Kids’ Club” in either the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store and download the app that displays our logo.

Please enter the following Username and Password the first time you use the app:

Username: outofhourskidsclub

Password: parent

Once you have logged in, please make sure you complete the Register Form the first time you log in to the app.

The app provides instant access to newsletters, outgoing messages from us to you, booking forms, links to the website and many more features that will be developed over time.

We will also be using the app to send out push notifications. These are messages that are sent directly to all those parents that have downloaded the app.

If you own an iPhone, when you download the app for the first time it will trigger the following pop ups:

Offline Caching, Location and, Enable Push Notifications

1. Offline Caching please select Yes.

2. Allow access to your location.
This is a standard Apple request. We by no means know or have access to anyone’s location but you need to select Yes in order to receive push notifications from the club.

3. The next message is to then enable push notifications. This is important that you select Notify Me.

4. The last message will say “The Club will like to send you Notifications” please press OK.

Android Permissions

On some Android handsets, the app requests permission to access the devices contacts and photos. This permission is required to access the contact and photo FUNCTION and not the actual contacts or stored photos on the device. Access to the contact function is needed in order to share the app via text message, Whatsapp or email, as the app then needs to access the contact function to allow it to be shared.

Access to the photos function is needed, should you need to upload and return any documents that require a signature to the club.

Neither the club or ParentApps have access to anyone’s personal information and it’s purely a permission that’s needed in order for the app to function properly on an Android device. These permissions are now becoming more common with a lot of Android. If anyone has any questions then please feel free to contact the club at or 0151 306 4775. The privacy policy is contained within each app.

Feel free to contact us with feedback on the app, or if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!

Google Play Store Link: App Download
Apple iTunes App Store

Lauren McBride

Digital Manager
Out of Hours Kids’ Club

📲Out of Hours Kids’ Club – ParentApp 📲
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New Payment System

At Out of Hours Kids’ Club, we strive for excellence in all forms of operating. We aim to keep the children, parents/carers, and staff happy and safe at all times. To ensure that each Site Manager is dedicated to the wellbeing and flow of the site, we have decided to centralise our payment system, so parents will no longer be able to make cheque or cash payments on site.

All payments will now be handled centrally, through our Finance Team at our admin office.

You will be able to pay through the following methods: Childcare Vouchers, BACS (bank transfer) Standing Order, Pre-authorised Invoices or Tax-Free Childcare Payments.

You should fill out a Payment Method Form, return it to us, and we will generate a Unique Reference Number (URN) for your child/children and send you out a information card including the relevant site details, our bank details and your URN to reference in your payment.

If you have any questions around payments, please feel free to call us on 0151 306 4775, or email

New Payment System
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New website goes live

Our new website has gone live and is mobile friendly.

Our friends at iprogress limited created the website with our guidance.

Let us know what you think and if there is anything you’d like to see on it.

New website goes live
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September 2017 Registration

The registration forms for September will be available for new children starting school in September from the date of the New Parent Meetings at school.

They will also be available for download from the site page on the website and will be processed accordingly.

September 2017 Registration
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Summer Term Update

Parents/carers have been notified of their child’s school for Reception starts in September 2017, which generates a large amount of enquiries regarding Breakfast and After School places at our clubs.

The registration forms for 2017 will be available at the school new parents meetings and on the website from these dates.

Dates known so far:
Booker – 20th June 9.15 a.m
Dovedale – 7th/8th June
Woolton – 19th/20th June
St Michael’s – 29th June
Mosspits – 5th July

We will confirm further dates as we get them from school.

Our admissions process is based on first come first served with siblings of children already registered prioritised on admission.

If you are not attending the school meeting you can get a form from the clubs or download one for 2017-2018 and submit this to the Site Manager who will process it in accordance with the admissions policy.

We hope your child/children are happy at our clubs and welcome suggestions or constructive feedback to improve our services.

Please keep a look out on our Twitter feed and here for information regarding the important dates or events at your club.

We look forward to sharing your comments, suggestions and constructive feedback on this page. We aim to gain feedback and let you know our developments as a result via this page, site development plans and verbal updates.

Summer Term Update
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