Returning to Kids’ Club – Woolton Primary

Dear Parents and Carers, we will be back operating at Woolton Primary from tomorrow, 2nd September and wanted to share the following information with you.

We cannot wait to see you and your children – we really have missed you all so much!


As previously mentioned, the children will be kept in the same bubbles as they have been in during the school day. For Woolton this will be in class groups.

Drop off and pick up:

Drop off for Breakfast Club and pick up for After School will be at the gate at the entrance to the mobile (our usual base.) A member of staff will be there to guide your child inside. There will be markers on the ground.

Please follow the one way system that the school has in place, to enter through the Out Lane entrance and to exit through Hunts Cross Avenue.

When queueing for drop off or pick up, please ensure to practice social distancing and stay 2m apart from other people. If you or any member of your household has been displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19, please do not bring your child to Breakfast Club and ensure you notify the school.

Breakfast Club:

Please make sure your child has clean hands when they arrive at Kids’ Club in the morning. There will be sanitiser stations throughout our site for the children to use.

If you have two or more children attending, they have to be in separate bubbles per the headteacher’s guidance (unless they are in the same class and bubble at school.) A member of staff will sign your child in.

The children will be split between the mobile (our normal base) and the infants hall to ensure that there is plenty of space. All of the bubbles will be socially distanced with a space of 2m around each space where possible.

The children will be served their breakfast and afterwards have table top games and activities they can do.

The children will wash their hands when they are finishing up at breakfast club so they are ready to start the school day nice and clean and we will take the children up to class per their staggered start times. Please bear your child’s start time in mind when bringing your child to breakfast club, to ensure that there is enough time with us in the mornings to make sure they have time to eat.

After School Club

When picking up at after school, please enter through the Out Lane entrance and exit through Hunts Cross Avenue, per the school’s one way system. We will get your child ready and bring them out to you.

During the afternoon, the children will be split between the mobile (our usual base) and the infants hall. We will have split registration times so the children are not all in the mobile and the infants hall at the same time, despite them being separated and social distancing measures between the bubbles being in place. We also feel that it’s best to keep them outside and the bubbles apart from each other as much as possible.

The children will wash their hands when they come to us and there will be antibacterial gel and foam around the setting that they will be encouraged to use as the session goes on.

We will keep our daily pick up lists as a form of record to state who was in each bubble and which member of staff was with that bubble, in case a child or member of staff reports signs of Covid-19, we can trace who they have been in contact with.

When we return to school, the Reception children won’t be with us until 21st September, allowing for additional space for the infants and also more time for us to plan the setting and flow of the site as we have not been able to visit the school site until the 2nd September.

We have a massive amount of fun outdoor equipment that can be cleaned after each use at the end of each session to ensure a wide variety of exciting play. Nothing will be shared across bubbles during each session.

The Bubbles will have their own:

Toys – sets will be rotated on a weekly basis with a wide range of options. They will be cleaned daily and then at the end of the week the next bubble will get that set.

Books – which are age relevant and that can be wiped down.

Tablets and games consoles which will be cleaned after each use

Art and craft selection – Felt tips, pencils, colouring in and class pack art and crafts.

As always, we will do our best to safeguard your children and we want to make sure you feel safe and relaxed that your children will be safe with us.

We also want you to tell your children that we have missed them and we are so excited to see them and have fun at Kids’ Club like we normally do!

Kind regards,

The Woolton Kids’ Club Team 🙂