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Fees for 2024/25

Breakfast Club – £5.80 per session/£28 for a full week
After School – £12 per session/£55 for a full week
Annual Registration Fee – £10.00

After you have registered through Kids Club HQ and your contract has been approved, you will receive an invoice for the upcoming month. Invoices are sent automatically on the 28th of each month, for the month ahead, i.e September’s invoice will be sent on the 28th August.

You will be able to pay through the following methods: Tax Free Childcare, Childcare Vouchers, bank transfer, Standing Order or Childcare Grant Payment Service (Student Loans.)

Please note, we do not offer direct debit as a form of payment, we never take your bank details from you.

Our bank details are:

Account Name: Out of Hours Kids’ Club (business account)
Sort Code: 600111
Account Number: 29532094

Tax Free Childcare
If you are using Tax Free Childcare, please use the following Ofsted Registration numbers as our setting identifier:

Booker Avenue: 322447, L18 9SB
Dovedale: 503961, L18 1JX
Woolton: 322449, L25 5NN

For more information and to see if you qualify, please take a look at Tax Free Childcare on

Universal Credit

If you are on Universal Credit, you can claim 85% of your paid fees back.
Take a look at the Universal Credit Childcare Costs page on

Childcare Vouchers ID’s:

Sodexo Carer ID: 130944
Care-4: 41175830
ComputerShare: 0007834569 and 0019572578 (either will work)
Edenred: P434089
Fideliti: outofhours001
KiddiVouchers: Out of Hours Kids Club

We can be identified on most Childcare Voucher Companies by searching for Out of Hours Kids’ Club, L18 4QZ.

We have previously worked with the following companies in the past:
AllSave, Busy Bees, Care4, Computershare, Edenred, Employers for Childcare, Enjoy Benefits, FairCare, Fideliti, Flexible Benefits, Kiddivouchers, Kids Unlimited, Reward Gateway, Salary Exchange, Sodexo.

If you have any questions around payments, please feel free to call us on 0151 306 4775, or email