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Returning to Kids’ Club – September 2020

Dear Parents and carers, we hope you and your families are all well.
We would like to thank you for your patience during the past few months. It has been such a strange and difficult time for us; our staff have been furloughed since March and unable to work, so it has been hard to follow procedures and timelines as normal. We could not afford to bring staff back to work while we have had no income coming in, but we are tracking on schedule and the good news is that we will be reopening in September across all sites. It is such a relief to actually say that!
We wanted to get in touch to give you a brief overview of our plans to reduce the risk of infection: 
  • We will be operating in bubbles, in the same way that the schools are (either by classes or by year group depending on each head teacher’s strategy.)
  • Our play workers will each look after a bubble and the Site Manager will ensure the safety and flow of each site.
  • In order to adhere to the space guidance for social distancing, we have had to reduce the number of children attending and the headteachers have been able to give us some additional space in order for us to operate in bubbles and with social distancing which we are grateful for.
  • There will be surplus PPE for the Kids’ Club staff, including masks, gloves, aprons and plenty of hand sanitiser. At this moment in time, we do not know if teachers or play workers will have to wear masks in schools but we will have them, just in case we need to. 
  • We are planning on employing a cleaner to monitor and clean the toilets during breakfast club and after school. 
  • There are some members of our staff who also work in the schools where we operate. In order to maintain the integrity of the bubbles, these staff will be moved to the Kids’ Club at the school where they are employed and they will only work at one Kids’ Club site for the time being so we will have cohesive, single-site teams.
Breakfast Club
We understand that parents will not be able to come onto the school premises, therefore a member of staff will greet the children and walk them to Kids’ Club – please observe social distancing at the school entrance while waiting for Kids’ Club to open. After breakfast club, we will take the children to class as normal, slightly staggered per the school timings. The children will be in bubbles with table top games to play with and art and craft class packs to do when they have finished their breakfast. 
After School Club 
We will collect the children from their classrooms (or class teachers will bring them to Kids’ Club – depending on individual school plans) and the children will remain in the same bubble to play and eat together. Historically, Ofsted have encouraged childcare providers to let children serve themselves at break time, however we will have to serve the children during this time. We don’t think that the menus will change too much, and we will always cater to all dietary needs. 
We want to encourage the children to play outside as much as possible and be in the fresh air. The playgrounds have had to be separated for the bubbles and we will be adhering to these spaces too. 
At the end of the session, when you arrive to pick up your child, a member of staff will walk them to the entrance where we will have the register for you to sign them out. 
We will be able to go into the schools on the Inset day ahead of the first day of school so we can put this all into practice and set up logistically how this will all work. We think it will be a case of tweaking as we go and our teams will adapt to new situations as they arise. 
The safety of the children is always at the forefront of what we do and this has been the central focus in planning our return to schools, to ensure that the children, staff and parents are safe. We will be meeting with the staff over the next two weeks to take them through the new directives from the government and schools and ensure they feel safe and happy about returning to work. 
We want to make sure that you feel safe about sending your children back to Kids’ Club, so please email us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to answer them.
As things seem to be ever changing, we will hopefully be able to update you closer to September with any further plans or development.
We will also be in touch over the next week with the yearly invoices.
Kind regards and see you soon! 
Kids’ Club 
Returning to Kids’ Club – September 2020
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Reopening – September 2020

We are delighted to announce that Out of Hours Kids’ Club will be reopening all of our sites in September 2020.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that all of the safeguarding needs are met when we return to school. We have been working with the headteachers to make sure that all of our plans are tailored and specific to each school to make certain that we adhere to the same standards with regards to bubbles, social distancing and hygiene and sanitation levels.

School reopening dates:
Booker Avenue: 2nd September 2020
Dovedale: 7th September 2020
Woolton: 3rd September 2020

We will be in touch with regards to plans regarding drop offs and pick ups at each school and any other changes that you need to be aware of. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us and we will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible.

For the time being, we have paused registration for September 2020 while we assess our bubble sizes. If you wish to register you can be placed on a waiting list while we plan our daily numbers. If you have already filled a registration form in but have not received a confirmation letter, that is because we have been unable to send out confirmation letters as our staff have not been working. We will be sending out confirmation letters and invoices in August.

We can’t wait to see you – we have missed you all so much!

Kids Club x

Reopening – September 2020
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COVID-19/School Closures

Whilst the schools have closed we have had to temporarily close our Kids Clubs at Booker Avenue, Dovedale Primary and Woolton Out Lane. We do not expect parents to pay fees while we are not operating and any fees that we have received during this time can be used towards credit on your account.

Please take care during this time! We are missing our children, staff and parents dearly!

COVID-19/School Closures
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12th December 2019 – Polling Day at Dovedale School – Closure

On the 12th December 2019 Dovedale School will be closed for Polling Day, therefore Kids’ Club will not be operating.

Fees will be charged at 50%.

For further information, please get in touch on 0151 306 4775 or

12th December 2019 – Polling Day at Dovedale School – Closure
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Autumn Term Dates 2019

Autumn Term Dates 2019

4th September 2019 – 24th October 2019
4th November 2019 – 20th December 2019

3rd September 2019 – 25th October 2019
4th November 2019 – 20th December 2019

4th September 2019 – 25th October 2019
5th November 2019 – 20th December 2019

Autumn Term Dates 2019
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2019/2020 Registration Forms Available

The Registration Forms for 2019/2020 are now available to all parents who wish to register for September 2019.

If your child is starting Reception in September you will also need to fill out an All About Me form. This will help us get to know your child before they start with us at Kids Club, and we will use this as a starting point for their Learning Journey which we will document on Tapestry, the app we use to support the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

There is a £10 registration fee which must be paid in order to secure your child’s place – this can be paid via BACS transfer to:
Out of Hours Kids’ Club

Please use your child’s full name and the school they attend as the payment reference.
I would recommend that you return your forms as soon as possible in order to secure the place. When you return your form we can calculate your monthly payments which are to be made on the 1st of the month, September 2019 to July 2020.
If you have any queries, please feel free to call us on 0151 306 4775 or email us
2 Riversdale Road
L19 3QW
Download the documents here:
2019/2020 Registration Forms Available
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2019/2020 Registration

Registration for the academic year 2019/2020 will open for current children on the week commencing 20th May 2019.

We will open up the registration for new children on the 7th June 2019. Registration forms will be made available on the website. If you would like to receive one via email, please contact us on and we will add to you to the mailing list to receive one.



2019/2020 Registration
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Autumn Term 2018 Opening Dates

Booker Avenue: 5th September – 18th October (Inset Day 19th October)
Dovedale: 4th September – 19th October
Woolton: 5th September – 19th October

Half Term – 22nd October – 26th October

Booker Avenue: 29th October – 20th December
Dovedale: 29th October – 21st December
Woolton: 30th October – 20th December (Inset Day 29th October)

Autumn Term 2018 Opening Dates
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