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Dovedale Ofsted Inspection – 10/05/24

Our Dovedale Out of Hours Kids’ Club setting was inspected by Ofsted on the 10th May and we are really pleased to announce that we received a grading of “Met.”

This is the highest grading that clubs like ours can receive, since Ofsted changed the EIF.

Some of the highlights of the report include;

“Parents speak highly of the setting, describing it as ‘a wonderful club’ and ‘a great part of children’s school experience’.”

“Children follow instructions well and are kind and considerate of one another. This contributes to the wonderful, relaxed and calm environment at the busy club,” and

“Managers and staff are enthusiastic about their work at the club and demonstrate a clear enjoyment of their role. Staff are eager to provide the best possible experiences for children who attend.”

We would like to congratulate Sarah and her hard working staff team for their ongoing hard work and for the children who make the club the special place that it is.