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New Payment System

At Out of Hours Kids’ Club, we strive for excellence in all forms of operating. We aim to keep the children, parents/carers, and staff happy and safe at all times. To ensure that each Site Manager is dedicated to the wellbeing and flow of the site, we have decided to centralise our payment system, so parents will no longer be able to make cheque or cash payments on site.

All payments will now be handled centrally, through our Finance Team at our admin office.

You will be able to pay through the following methods: Childcare Vouchers, BACS (bank transfer) Standing Order, Pre-authorised Invoices or Tax-Free Childcare Payments.

You should fill out a Payment Method Form, return it to us, and we will generate a Unique Reference Number (URN) for your child/children and send you out a information card including the relevant site details, our bank details and your URN to reference in your payment.

If you have any questions around payments, please feel free to call us on 0151 306 4775, or email

Childcare Voucher payments

If you are paying via childcare voucher (CCV) fees must be paid in advance and forecast in order that any voucher being paid at the end of June 2018 or beginning of July 2018 will cover July’s fees, leaving August voucher to cover September 2018 fees in advance.

Voucher payees are requested to email a copy of the confirmation of voucher payment made or screenshot of payment, statement showing payment to, we request this information as many of the childcare voucher companies send multiple payments in one lump transaction and we need the reference from the voucher payment to reconcile against your individual account.

The URN on the reverse of the payment details card should be used to identify your child’s fee payment on your voucher transaction where possible, we have children across the five sites, with the same name, so the URN assigned is vital.

BACS payments

BACS payments can be made via online banking, mobile banking and telephone banking, once you set us up as a payment using the bank details on the payment details card.  Please ensure you use the URN assigned to your child/children to make each payment, this will identify your payment from others across our 5 sites.  Please aim to make payments in line with your fees in advance.  I.E If your fees are £77.75 weekly please refrain from overpaying, for example £80 as this will accrue as credit on the account and monitoring of fees more difficult.  Similarly, please don’t underpay for example fees are £33.90, paying £30 will put the account into arrears and trigger arrears letters.

Standing orders

If you are paying via standing order this is an ongoing payment you will set up with your bank to pay us a set amount each month.  You are responsible for ensuring there are adequate funds in your account or the standing order will fail.  Fees should be paid in advance and when calculating fees for monthly, half-termly and termly payments, remember that inset days are not chargeable.

Pre-authorised invoices

These will be used by local training colleges, further education and universities, schools for the payment of fees and will be arranged with us directly.

Tax Free Childcare payments

These are payments made from the new Government scheme, with which we are registered.  The payments come direct to our account from the tax free childcare accounts set up by individuals.  If you are eligible for Tax Free Childcare and are using this as your method of payment, please let us know and if possible use the URN on the payment details card provided.

This is a massive change for us in terms of our payment system, please bear with us whilst we get the process streamlined.

Download the Payment Method Form: Click here to download

New Payment System

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