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Summer Term Update

Parents/carers have been notified of their child’s school for Reception starts in September 2017, which generates a large amount of enquiries regarding Breakfast and After School places at our clubs.

The registration forms for 2017 will be available at the school new parents meetings and on the website from these dates.

Dates known so far:
Booker – 20th June 9.15 a.m
Dovedale – 7th/8th June
Woolton – 19th/20th June
St Michael’s – 29th June
Mosspits – 5th July

We will confirm further dates as we get them from school.

Our admissions process is based on first come first served with siblings of children already registered prioritised on admission.

If you are not attending the school meeting you can get a form from the clubs or download one for 2017-2018 and submit this to the Site Manager who will process it in accordance with the admissions policy.

We hope your child/children are happy at our clubs and welcome suggestions or constructive feedback to improve our services.

Please keep a look out on our Twitter feed and here for information regarding the important dates or events at your club.

We look forward to sharing your comments, suggestions and constructive feedback on this page. We aim to gain feedback and let you know our developments as a result via this page, site development plans and verbal updates.

Summer Term Update

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